11 marca, 2015

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation

Hello beauties!!!

Today I would like to share with you my opinion on the DIOR AIRFLASH SPRAY FOUNDATION and I could not resist to do that the more the gossmakeupartist praised it. I would like to introduce you very objective and honest opinion.

The producer says:

" The go-to solution for professional makeup maestros, Airflash brought the airbrushed perfection of spray foundation to daily makeup rituals. New from the Dior laboratory comes an Airflash formula that is lighter and silkier than ever for a fabulously even, flawless finish. Paraben-free and suffused with fresh natural oils that evaporate as soon as they land, it settles imperceptibly as a silky-smooth film with long-wearing coverage but no visible texture. The result is instant: a super-smooth, velvety complexion that feels like a second skin, full of radiance and glow."

Do I agree with this description you will found out by reading futher.

The bottle is with diffuser, 70 ml capacity. It's quite a lot comparing to other foundations (30 ml only). The prise- £33 (to buy in network of Debenhams shops) , so quite expensive, but hey it's DIOR.

I applied the foundation by using stippling type brush. My first impression was mixed, because I had felling that the coverage is not good enough. So I putted one more layer and the effect was very impressive. I had no masc feeling, the skin was smooth and velevety in touching and the pores were not clogged.

No makeup on

After first layer
After second layer

My full makeup:

After 8 hours of wearing the product I have to addmit that this foundation is great. Firstly the bronzer, blush and highlighter stayed in place and looked very fresh and intact. Secondlay, the face looked fresh and nicely. The downside is that my face started to shine after the first few hours after applying this product. Taking that under cosideration I must say that this foundation is not good for combination or oily skin.

Photos took after 8 hours of wearing:

To sum up:
package- large capacity (70 ml), economical consuption because of diffuser
price- quite expensive but worth the money
consistency- very light, velvety, smooth and no masc effect feeling
coverage- medium, after second layer- full
type of skin- dry/normal.

Overall I would rate DIOR AIRFLASH SPRAY FOUNDATION 9 on scale out of 10, only because that shine on my face.
If some of you have used this product, please share with me with your opinon.

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