12 kwietnia, 2015

The 1940's makeup look.

Hi bauties!!!

Here it's time for the 1940s inspired makeup look.
The makeup of the 40s was influenced by variety of factors. World War II dominated the time period, and although war production helped pull the America of the great depression, people were not wanton or wasteful. Makeup, although socially acceptable in this decade, reflected this sentiment. The style was based on natural beauty; simple and subdued, yet striking in nature.
Many women became part of the workforce due to the war. They strived to look beautiful and feminine despite the prevalence of simple utility clothing. Makeup was one way a woman could accent her look, even in an androgynous factory uniform.

Ava Gardner

                                   Rita hayworth, 1940

Female movies stars of the 1940s were glamorous and alluring, with makeup that focused on lovely lips and eyelashes. The look was alluring, but not colorful or overdone. Popular stars of the decade include: Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Ingrid Bergman or Joan Crawford.
The style of makeup in the 1940s relied on flawless-looking skin, long lashes, groomed but natural-looking brows, and a striking lip.

Ingrid bergman, 1944

JoanCrawford, 1948

The features makeup of the 40s:
1. Face- the naturally glowing look were achieved by using a foundation that was slightly darker than the skin tone; then face powder was applied in a slightly lighter shade; rose colors applied out from the cheek apples.
2. Eyes- very little emphasis was placed on the eye shadows, the woman did not wear a lot of eye shadow and applied very natural and neutral colors (grey and brown- toned eye shadows).  While very heavy emphasis was placed on the lash line especially the upper lash line and false eyelashes.
3. Brows-  were much thicker than in the 1930s but still very thin and very narrow and the arch was very well definite. The Vaseline used to groom the shape.
4. Lips- red lipstick is a signature for this period; it could be the bright or deep red color of lipstick; lip liner was also essential and the women very often exaggerated upper lip to get the desired effect.
5. Nails- nail color should match your clothing; many colors were available, form mustard yellow to navy to maroon, but reds and pinks were also very popular; like in the 30s nail color was not applied to the rip or base of the nail; instead, a thin line of nail at the top and the half moon at the base of the nail were left unpolished. 

Here is the list of used cosmetics to create this 1940s makeup look:

1. Revlon ColorStay, Combination/Oily skin, 110 ivory.
2. Essence, Stay All Day 16h Concealer, 10 natural beige.
3. Rimmel London, Stay Matte, Long Lasting Pressed Powder, 001 transparent.
4. Nuxe Paris, bronzing powder.
5. Makeup Revolution London, Ultra blush palette, sugar and spice.
6. MUA, Makeup Academy Professional, Ever After, Matte Palette (light beige under the eyebrow and on the hole eyelid; the brown color applied in to the crease and blended toward the eyebrow).
7. Wibo, Deep Black Eyeliner.
8. Max Factor 2000 Calorie, Dramatic Volume, black.
9. Kiss, false eyelashes, Iconic, 61657, KFL06C.
10. Max Factor, Colour Elixir Lip Liner, 10 red rush.
11. Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate, Lipstick 111 Kiss of life.
12. Benefit, The Pore fessional, Pro balm to minimize the appearance of pores.

The cosmetics used to created the look.

MUA, Makeup Academy Professional, Ever After, Matte Palette.

Makeup Revolution London, Ultra blush palette, sugar and spice.

Nuxe Paris, bronzing powder.

                                        Here is my interpretation of the 40's makeup look:

I would like to say that I am not good with doing my hair, so forgive me that again. But how they say: "practis makes perfect" ;). I hope that despite that you still like this look. :)

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