24 kwietnia, 2015

The 1960's makeup look.

Hi dolls!

Here is the time for the 1960s inspired makeup look. But first I would like to write something about the characteristics of the makeup for this period.

The 1950's look continued into the 1960's- the elegant eyes, pale pink hues and loads of powder.

In the 1960's it's when you see the new youth look start to take place. There were three distinct looks: the classic, the mod and the hippy. The mod look is the cosmetic look most remembered from this beauty era.

The icons of this era include: Lesley Lawson (Twiggy), Edie Sedwig, Brigitte Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor or Sophia Loren.


Elizabeth Taylor, 1960.

The features of the 60s makeup look:

1. Face- the foundation should be blend with the natural skin color; there were used a lot of the powder; rouge should be applied in three dots near the cheek bones, fairly high near the eye; the most popular colors included corals, peach and pinks;

2. Eyes- the popular palettes were blues, greens, grays, neutrals and whites (matt eyeshadows); the eyeshadows should be stippled on to the upper corners of the eye; the cat eye look of the 50's disappeared and emphasis went back to lashes which were very popular; the mascara was applied with two thin coats than one heavy one; the eyeliner was the most important makeup tool and was doubled up at the end of the lid; white eyeliner drawn down over upper lid to inner corner of the eye;

Sophia Loren, 1959.
3. Brows- were groomed, shaped and defined with the brow pencil usually, but it wasn't real defined shape, looked more naturally; the thickness of the brow ranged any way from the lighter tweeze look as worn by the Twiggy to a heavy eye penciled look as seen Elizabeth Taylor; 

4. Lips- were pale pinks, corals and peaches; the lips were naturally defined and no lip liner was used.

Brigitte Bardot.

Here is the list of used cosmetics to create this 1960s makeup look:

1.  Revlon ColorStay, Combination/Oily skin, 400 caramel.
2. Revlon ColorStay, Combination/Oily skin, 110 ivory.
3. Essence, Stay All Day 16h Concealer, 10 natural beige (under eyes only).
4. Miyo Skin Care Powder, oil absorbing rice powder.
5. Makeup Revolution London, Ultra blush palette, sugar and spice (on cheeks and for contouring the cheekbone).
6. MUA, Makeup Academy Professional, Ever After, Matte Palette (light bronze on the eye eye lid and blened to the crease).
7. Inglot Eye Shadow, matte 351 (under eyebrow).
8. Golden Rose, Dream Eyes Eyeliner, 401 (upper and lower lash liner, blended).
9. Maybelline New York, Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24h, 01 black.
10. Max Factor 2000 Calorie, Dramatic Volume, black.
11. Sleek Palette, Ballet 858 (the first layer- tutu, the second- plie and a bit of pirouette).
12. Kiss, the false eyelashes, Iconic.

The cosmetics used to create the 60's makeup look.

MUA, Makeup Academy Professional, Ever After, Matte Palette.

Makeup Revolution London, Ultra blush palette, sugar and spice.

Here is my interpretation of the 60's makeup look (inspired by Brigitte Bardot):

I tried to be very exact and reliable recreating the Brigette Bardott look. I would be nice to know your opinions.

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