03 maja, 2015

The 1970's makeup look (inspired by Farrah Fawcett).

Hi dolls!

Today we will travel back to the 1970's era and recreated another historically accurate makeup look.

First I will give you a little background information about characteristics of this era.

This period is a time of contrasts. The main impact on the trends in fashion and make- up was a music. The enormous popularity had a disco and bands like ABBA - so it seems natural that women wanted to be like their musical idols, and show up at a party in the phenomenal outfit. On the other hand, for the entire Western culture it has become an important hippie movement, which put on the wildness, naturalness and pastel colors. So there was two main trends makeup in the 70's.

Steve Nicks

The disco style glamour, for fans of "Saturday Night Fever" characterized by a lot of gloss, energy and crazy colors and of course the tan was very fashionable.
After application of the foundation in natural color, the pink shimmering blush was used to emphasize them. For eyes there were used very strong colors (pinks, blues or purples) and a lot of shimmer. The mascara was used applied very heavy. Natural eyebrows were thick and underlined with brown pencil. The lips should be visible, the best color was intense pink with shine.

The second trend was called hippies and in this image was no focus on makeup. They preferred girly, very soft and natural makeup look. The hippies had attached more importance to colorful dresses and long hair.
The icons of this era include: Lauren Hutton, Stevie Nicks, Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere), Diana Ross, Farrah Fawcett.

Diana Ross, 1976
The features of the 70s makeup look:

1. Face- kept very light, dewy and natural;

2. Eyes- there were three main eye look: neutral barely bare, smoky look or bold; the popular eye shadows include: blues, greens and purples and other neutral colors; the eye shadows came in different formulas like pressed powders, liquids and creams; different colors of mascara: raspberry or lavender; the mascara was used very liberty or barely at all;

3. Brows- there was two different way to wear the eyebrows: the first it just to keep them natural, brushy; the other way that they were done they was kept on the thinner side and more of the curve;

4. Lips- the lips colors consisted of pastels, peaches or pink were also popular with the natural look; they were not heavily draw with the pencil; the lipsticks with shimmer and gloss were very fashionable.

Farrah Fawcett, 1977

Here is the list of used cosmetics to create this 1970s makeup look:

1. Expose, Summer Bronze, Self Tanning Mousse (mixed with moisturizing cream and put on the face about an hour before put on the makeup. I used L'Oreal, Revitalift, Advanced Anti- Ageing Moisturiser).
2. Garnier, BB Cream, Miracle Skin Perfector, Light/ Medium.
3. Essence, Stay All Day 16h Concealer, 20 soft beige (only a bit under the eye and on the eyelid)
4. Rimmel London, Stay Matte, Long Lasting Pressed Powder, 001 transparent.
5. Avon, Arabian Glow, Bronzing Pearls (gently pressed with kabuki brush all over the face to create this glowing bronze effect).
6. Makeup Revolution London, Ultra blush palette, sugar and spice.
7. MUA, Makeup Academy Professional, Ever After, Matte Palette (dark bronze in the eye socket).
8. Makeup Revolution London, Eyes Like Angels, 32 Ultra Professional Eyeshadows (color Cream applied on the all eyelid).
9. Max Factor, Eyebrow Pencil, 2 hazel.
10. L’Oreal Paris, Color Riche Le Khol, 102 pure espresso (along the line of the upper eyelashes and a bit on the lower lash line and blended).
11. Max Factor 2000 Calorie, Dramatic Volume, black.
12. Makeup Revolution London, Give Me more Power, can't escape me.
13. Sleek, Pout Paint, Lip Stain, 161 minx.
14. SalonSystem, Individual lashes.

The cosmetics used for the 70s makeup look.

Expose, Summer Bronze, Self Tanning Mousse and my moisturizer.

Makeup Revolution London, Ultra blush palette, sugar and spice.

Makeup Revolution London, Eyes Like Angels, 32 Ultra Professional Eyeshadows.

MUA, Makeup Academy Professional, Ever After, Matte Palette.

Here is my interpretation of the 70's makeup look (inspired by Farrah Fawcett ):

I have to admit that it was very difficult for me to do hair similar to Farrah because my hair is very thin. ;) Anyway  I hope you like it.

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