20 czerwca, 2015

The lipsticks from Primark.

Hi beauties!

Anyone who lives in the UK, knows the Primark. Primark is the Irish company engaged in the retail sale of clothing. But you can also buy there the cosmetics, handbags, shoes, items for the home etc. One word:  anything for everyone. :)
 As a curiosity I would like to tell you that the Primark has more than 270 stores in nine European countries: the UK (161), Ireland (38), Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal [1].

P.S.LOVE... Lipsticks from Primark.

14 czerwca, 2015

My current skincare evening routine

Hi Dolls!

Each of us knows that taking care of our face and proper nurturing is very important. Without the right makeup remover, cleaning and moisturizing makeup our face will not look nice and fresh. Cosmetics should be properly matched to our skin type to make ensure that we take care of it very well. We must also remember about proper diet: drink a lot of water, eat vegetables and fruits. Because what we eat has a major impact on the state of our skin. 

My current cosmetics for the evening routine.