26 lipca, 2015

FACE CHARTS- What is it about?

Hi ladies!!!

Some of you heard or not about face charts. If you don't know what FACE CHART is, so this post is right here for you!!! :) 

It's nothing but a piece of paper with the outline of the face on which we can create a new makeup. They're specifically designed for use with cosmetic products, the textured paper (similar to watercolor canvas) is durable enough for cream products but soft enough to hold powders. But you can download a face chart (Google "face chart") and print that out onto normal paper as well.

18 lipca, 2015

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System review!

Hello dolls!!!

The most of European beauty blogger have fallen in love with Clarisonic. I could only dream about this little handheld device to cleanse my facial skin which deeply cleanses without more than only moving the arm around :-) . Why? The answer is simple: the high price discouraged me and somehow I gave myself. To my happiness, one day my lovely sister came to me with Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System and had it for £10.00 only in Boots. The primary price was £39.99 so you have to admit that it was a great opportunity to purchase a "brush for the face" :P!!! 

11 lipca, 2015

The 10pcs Make Up Brush Set review- eBay!

Hello dolls!!!

I've been needing to buy some more new makeup brushes especially a foundation brushes- there are never too much due to the fact that I wash my brushes after every use. I started my search on eBay and was looking for something affordable and cheap. Then mainly after watching a few video review on YouTube, I've made the decision to buy them. But are they all worth the money? ? I thought I will give them a go and try to see how they compared to my current brush collection.

03 lipca, 2015

Half face make up!

Hello beauties!!!

First I would like to apologize you guys for my absence lately. But sometimes the enormity of household responsibilities is beyond me, and have no time for writing. I'll try to make it up to you and be more active in the future. But back to the topic of today's post.....

Since NikkieTutorials recorded and published the video on YouTube making the make up only half of her face (the video "the power of make-up" has now been watched almost 19 million times) the Internet is buzzing. She said that she created this clip after hearing that some women were “almost ashamed to say they love make-up” and that she felt people were being made to feel bad for liking it. And now women are using it as inspiration to post their own transformations which we can find in all social media like Instagram, Tweeter etc. using the hash tag #ThePowerOfMakeup. Along with the images they've also been writing about what they think of make- up and tagging Nikkie in their posts.
I have to admit that I'm also inspired by her video and would like to share with you with my make up on the half of the face.