26 lipca, 2015

FACE CHARTS- What is it about?

Hi ladies!!!

Some of you heard or not about face charts. If you don't know what FACE CHART is, so this post is right here for you!!! :) 

It's nothing but a piece of paper with the outline of the face on which we can create a new makeup. They're specifically designed for use with cosmetic products, the textured paper (similar to watercolor canvas) is durable enough for cream products but soft enough to hold powders. But you can download a face chart (Google "face chart") and print that out onto normal paper as well.

They are used as reference guides in runway shows and stage or film production. But the face charts are an easy way to present your skills to a client and give them a option for a job. Besides if you are just starting up your adventure with makeup, they're great way to not only practice, but also showcase your abilities to potential client before you've gained a lot of professional experience. Face charts are like a grown up coloring book :-)! They can be a great fun and relaxing creative outlet and an easy way to get some practice in and plan your look for a special event without having to wash your face in- between applications! I like to use the face charts exactly this way: for the fun and practicing! ;-)

What kinds of products can we use? We use the same cosmetics we use for face makeup except a foundations and liquid products which are not necessary. I like to use eyeshadows for a lot of my work, with eye pencils and lipsticks.

How do we contour the face? The bronzers, flesh- toned, taupe or brown eyeshadows, and contour powders work the easiest but we have to remember that since paper is white, even the palest hues will show up more intense than they would on real skin!!!

What brushes should we use? We can use any brush we would like to but with the smaller, stiffer brushes that we might normally use for a task work well for face charts. Cotton swabs, inexpensive art brushes or even our fingers all make great tools to experiment with!

How to create the lashes? There are several methods but the most go- to product is liquid eyeliner. We use very small, detail brush to sweep the lashes on but we can try with mascara to create several lashes in one stroke.

Can we use lipstick on the face charts? Surely we can!!! Lip liners and lipsticks both work great. There is no problem with smudging but if you are concerned, you can always lacquer your finished lips with a clear polish (glossy or matte)- I've never done with nail polish, devinitely must try!! ;-)

We can buy face charts on eBay or just Google the image of the face chart and print it out. And we are ready to start the fun and create!!!

Here I've shown you some of my face charts, which I store in this red folder. There is no mess and at any time I can look at them ;)

My first face chart ever ;)

Ladies I hope these information helped and if you have experience already with face charts, let me know in a comment at the bottom!

Thanks for reading girls, and to the next....... :-)

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  1. That's a really great idea for a post. Very informative. I've been experimenting with face charts for a while now and also store it in the folder. We must compare at some point :)

    1. yep, definitely! I dont't play with face charts often, but like to create sth new on the pice of paper! ;)


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