08 sierpnia, 2015

Taking care of the eyes area with SYLVECO!

Hi ladies!!!

Quite a long time I've been wondering if I should write a few words about my current under eyes cream. At last I decided that it is worth to do it, first because it's not easy to find good eye cream and secondly, we know the eye is the thinnest layer of skin on the entire body, and therefore the most sensitive. So using a cream made especially for eyes is crucial, especially as the age.

For some of you ladies, it's quite obvious using eye cream before bed or make up application. But believe me, that not everybody does, even some make- up artists consider it unnecessary!!! I've got some experience with my last employer who the name I won't mention you, where the makeup artists or stylists don't apply any cream on the clients faces before makeup, not mentioning the eye cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you believe??? For me it's UNACCEPTABLE! (even if the reason is the cutting costs; at last they call themselves the professional salon lol). Ladies, using the eye cream is very important!!! 

Ok, after sharing with you my experience, backing to the topic of this post. The Sylveco, Soothing Eye Cream is my current favorite. Sylveco is a polish manufacturer, who use only raw natural materials without chemical processing, its products are very rich in natural, organic ingredients and are high- quality.

More from producer: " SYLVECO birch cosmetics have been developed on the basis of selected plant materials that naturally restore the youthful appearance of the skin. A prominent ingredient of our products is birch extract, containing betulin and betulinic acid, highly effective and completely safe active substances.
The company deals with identifying, isolating and purifying interesting substances form plant materials. The innovative technology of isolating and purifying triterpens derived from the outer bark of white birch trees enables obtaining unprecedentedly high purity at competitive price.

Our cosmetics combine the highest quality of:
·         raw vegetable oils (cold pressed) and waxes, which are the friendliest emollients,
·         vegetable butters (also cold pressed), naturally protecting the skin against solar radiation,
·         vegetable extracts with many valuable caring and medicinal effects,
·         active birch bark extract with multidirectional beneficial effects.

What sets SYLVECO cosmetics apart from other dermocosmetics?
·         they do not contain artificial colorants or perfumes,
·         they do not contain preservatives, which are the most common skin sensitizing and irritating components (parabens etc.),
·         they do not contain materials made from crude oil or its derivatives,
·         they do not contain silicon oils or glycols,
·         they do not contain redundant, skin-burdening thickeners or stabilizers,
·         they are efficient and effective, and, most importantly,
·         they are hypoallergenic and safe for the skin."

First I must say, that I don't have a lot of wrinkles (yet ;)), but I need a very strong hydration and this cream provide me the moisturize with 100%. Besides protects the delicate skin, reduces dark circles and puffiness and improve skin elasticity. We can even apply a thick layer before makeup (very quickly absorption), and the concealer or corrector won't be collected under the eyes or sear up. The consistency is very light and smooth, almost like a water, and only one pump need. I have to add, that I have very sensitive eyes and after most of the eye creams I've felt burning and have had watering eyes :(.  And this cream doesn't cause me any allergic reaction!!!!

As you can see the composition of the cream is sensational:
  • cornflower extract- soothes and brightens gently the skin;
  •   extract from the skylight meadow- soothes, calms, reduces dark circles and redness of the skin;
  • birch bark extract (betulin)- speeds up regeneration, stimulate skin cells to synthesize collagen and elastin;
  •  butter shea- source of vitamins A, D, E and F;
  • argan oil- soothes, softens, smoothes and moisturizes the skin;
  • soybean oil- has oxidizing features;
  • grapeseed oil- improves skin tone, tones, nourishes and smoothes;
  • Vitamin E- slows down aging of the skin, UV protection.

When it comes to availability:

  • you can buy it on eBuy for £9.90 plus £4.50 delivery


  •  if you live in Poland, possibility to buy stationary from here.

Overall, the Sylveco, Soothing Eye Cream is one of the best eye creams under eyes and confidently I recommend it to each of you, ladies and it has only pros:

  • doesn't cause any allergic reactions;
  • soothes, moisturize, calms, reduces dark circles and redness;
  • highly efficient;
  • very affordable.

Perhaps too much of this writing, but I wanted to be accurate and reliable in my review and put the largest possible amount of information for you about this cream. I would like to change the eye cream, because I use this for over a year now and it's difficult for me to find any good eye cream which won't cause me burning or watering. So I'll be grateful for your recommendations, write them down for me please at the bottom of the comment or on Facebook. Thanks in advance! :)

Thank you ladies for reading and see you next time..... :) :) :)

 * All my opinions are based on a personal experience, and are not sponsored.

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  1. I've been eyeing Sylveco products for a while now. However the room refurbishment meant organising my collection and it turns out I have at least 2 skincare products each backed up so I am now officially on a spending ban ;)

    1. :D , I've been using some other Sylveco's products, and I must admitt that the're very great and affordable, really recommend it everyone! But if ur on spending ban.... :p ;P :p

  2. Kocham ten krem :) jest prześwietny :)


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