28 września, 2015

Beauty acids treatments.

Hello my dear readers!

At the beginning I would like share with you the news that I married, and my husband is able to call me wife now ;)! Due to the preparations for the wedding, I had just no time to write posts and blogging.  In addition, my parents arrived, so you know, it was very busy time. I wasn't so over a month, but now I go back and get down to writing with a newly charged batteries. :)

I would like to write you about the benefits of beauty treatment with acids. And that my face is a great field for this type of treatment: impurities, imperfections, many blackheads and pores, so I've associated with this procedure a huge hopes . Before the planned wedding day I've served up myself a series of three such treatments at monthly intervals, in order to ensure that my skin will be smooth and gorgeous on this beautiful day of my live  :)!