28 września, 2015

Beauty acids treatments.

Hello my dear readers!

At the beginning I would like share with you the news that I married, and my husband is able to call me wife now ;)! Due to the preparations for the wedding, I had just no time to write posts and blogging.  In addition, my parents arrived, so you know, it was very busy time. I wasn't so over a month, but now I go back and get down to writing with a newly charged batteries. :)

I would like to write you about the benefits of beauty treatment with acids. And that my face is a great field for this type of treatment: impurities, imperfections, many blackheads and pores, so I've associated with this procedure a huge hopes . Before the planned wedding day I've served up myself a series of three such treatments at monthly intervals, in order to ensure that my skin will be smooth and gorgeous on this beautiful day of my live  :)!

Chemical peeling are one of the most comprehensive aesthetic medicine treatments. They are used as a anti- aging  prophylaxis and depigmenting treatment. Perfectly encourage the skin to renew and regenerate. In most use of the properties of natural fruit acids, but some are obtained synthetically. Type peeling, its concentration, spot and application area (face, hands, back, shoulders) are chosen depending on the individual patient's needs.

Effects of treatment:
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Stimulating production of collagen and elastin
  • Skin Firming
  • Improved skin tone
  • Removal of spots, sunspots, freckles
  • Acne Therapy
  • Removal of acne scars
  • Unlocking and narrowing the pores
  • Reduce Stretch Marks
  • Moisturizing the skin.

The first time I've got acid 10- 06- 2015, then 08-07-2015 and the last series took place on 17-08-2015 and it was a trichloroacetic called TCA acid.

TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is present in concentrations of from 10% to 50%. Depending on the desired result, the relevant concentrations of the formulation is applied in several layers. Immediately after treatment, the skin may be flushed. Then the skin turns brown and you can have a feeling of "shell" on the skin. Proper peeling begins after 2-3 days of treatment and lasts approx. 3-4 days.

I admit that this treatment is very painful, the skin very burns and becomes strongly reddened. However, after the first time, I felt quite comfortable, but after the second and third, I admit that I suffered very much on the second day after treatment. (As you can see in the pictures). But first things first...

TCA acid treatment is practically controlled burn with acid, so we have feeling burning of the skin that passes after a few minutes. The fanning gives the relief.... uf. After the treatment I got a special information card that contained all the guidelines and indications that apply after surgery, which are valid, for example:

  • I couldn't wash my face or hair, as the skin for 12 hours shouldn't be exposed to water;

  • on the face I applied Cetaphil moisturizing cream, Soothing Balm Repairing and Anthelios XL 50+ La Roche- Posay, and in places heavily blistered spread Shea Butter.

After about an hour of treatment, my face turned purple and started to have a feeling of tension, which persisted until the skin began to break. For me it was 3 days after surgery and lasted for 5 days, when all the whole skin peeled from face. I must admit that it didn't look aesthetically, but it would be folly tearing pendent skin. It looked like a mask peel off, so that the skin ;). My face suffered so much, experienced 3 nights in a row (though the day was ok) I couldn't sleep because of the burning and itching at the same time that without cold compresses and turned on the dryer with cold air would not be able to sleep at night :(. I was saying to myself: "why I've agreed to it?" But you know what, to be beautiful you have to suffer a little, and really it was worth it !!! All the blackheads and pimples disappeared, the visibility of pores reduced and my face wasn't shining (I have combination skin type), moreover my skin took radiance and freshness, so the effect was INCREDIBLE!!!

The next day after surgery.
The third day after

Summing the treatment

  • reduction in the visibility of pores;
  • no shine skin;
  • reduction of wrinkles;
  • lighten the skin;
  • general improvement in the appearance of the skin (other pros written at the beginning).

  • feeling of tension and burning, which can be quite unpleasant;
  • unsightly appearance (peeling should be performed at the beginning of the week, because then we can be almost certain that after the weekend, our skin will no longer look so drastically);
  • As a result of strong cleaning can meet us unpleasant rash of pustules on the face, which means "drawn out"  all the pollution of our skin.

Before treatments.
After treatments :)

Surely you are interested in the issue of make-up in such a situation. The foundation can be applied to the face, which will even quicken skin peeling. But let me tell you that due to such a strong reaction of my skin (burning), I saw no point applying the make-up, because every few hours applied creams that soothed this unpleasant feeling.

Winter is the ideal time for this type of treatment because we need to protect our skin from the sun and apply creams with strong filters, otherwise we can get a strong discolorations on the skin. Beauticians don't recommend this surgery in the summer due to the fact that not all clients follow the rules of conduct after the acids treatment and they just don't want to expose yourself to the risk of complications. To this must be approached very seriously, because you could seriously harm yourself.

Girls, if you dream of a beautiful and smooth skin, with a clear conscience I recommend this type of peeling. It is worth to suffer a little bit, especially if you have a problem with impure skin, blackheads or discoloration.

I think I've exhausted the topic, but if you have any questions, please write in the comments below or on Facebook. Or maybe any of you have similar or even different experience with acids cosmetic treatments, it will be nice to talk about this.

I greet you warmly and  thank you that read to the end, it means a lot to me. :)

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  1. Taak kwasy sa fajne, ale trzeba się z nimi ostrożnie obchodzić :)
    Ja mam w miarę ładną cerę wiec mi to niepotrzebne, ale u ciebie widac wielka zmianę <3

    1. cierpiałam, ale opłacało się, polecam; poza tym Darusia są inne lżejsze kwasy, po których nie ma tak drastycznej reakcji a buzia zyska nowego blasku i swieżości, polecam :)

  2. I'm sure your skin is thanking you now, but I don't think I could undergo the same procedure... I'm such a baby! ;)

    1. ow Carol in Page its only at the beginning and then u are happy with ur new face :)

  3. Great, extensive review. I think the results are amazing but I'm too scared of the process itself I think. Where did you have it done hun?


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