30 października, 2015

The best cleansing micellar water in my opinion!- Nivea review!

Hi girls!

Almost every beauty bloggers is aware that the make-up removal, is the basis of proper skin care. However, most women just don't remember about this essential step, as a result can occur the skin irritation, rash and weakness of eyelashes. The most common sign of a lack of makeup removing is dry skin, and consequently deepening of wrinkles. Neglecting basics of skin care may also lead to the exacerbation of allergic and inflammatory conditions of the skin. The biggest problem is the accumulation of impurities that give rise to free radicals, which contribute to slowing down the synthesis of collagen and damage the structure of collagen and elastin. Which directly results in among others: loss of flexibility and elasticity of the skin. So ladies, remember to thoroughly wash off makeup before going to bed. On the cosmetic market there are many make-up remover cosmetics, but unfortunately not all of them are successful in their action. Therefore, I would like to recommend to you today, my tested cleansers, ie Nivea Sensitive 3 in 1 Cleansinh Micellar Water for face and Double Effect Eye make-up remover for eyes. Many girls and bloggers commends themselves the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, which I consider it's also good, but since I've discovered  the Nivea one, won't back to Garnier for a long time. :)

25 października, 2015

My #7autumnlipsticks in one place!

Hi girls!

A week ago idorottka initiated a fun challenge under the theme #7autumnlipsticks #7szmineknajesień on Instagram. And I've thought it would be nice to gather all my faves 7 lipsticks for autumn in one place, and therefore here is the post. :) Let me add that Dorothy is a great beauty blogger and a very nice young lady. Here is here page and give her some love ladies! :)

Without any talk let's move on to the topic.

16 października, 2015

My way to improve the condition of hair - oiling!

Hello dear!

I use mustard oil on the hair for four months now and I think it's a good moment to share with you the effects of oiling the hair.
If you are interested how properly oiled the hair I invite you to read more...

First, a few words about the mustard oil:

Oil mustard is made from mustard seeds, which owes its intense yellow color and a distinctive, strong odor. In India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, it is used for cooking. This natural product contains valuable minerals - selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium, beta-carotene and omega-3. It is also a source of B vitamins as well as vitamins A, C, E and K.