07 listopada, 2015

Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte Palette- review and makeup!

Hello ladies!

Today I come to you with review of cool palette from Makeup Revolution London, Ultra Professional Eyeshadow Flawless Matte palette. I think it's perfect from daily make-up to more advanced blending, especially during the autumn time! The pallet contains up to 32 shades, all matte. I must admit that I prefer matte eye shadows because they are perfect to emphasize the crease of the eyelid, which I just have dropping one. So all of a satin or glossy eyeshadows can't be applied in this specific eye area. Besides, I think it's the best to emphasize the crease with matte colors, because make-up looks very elegant and neatly. :) And a large range of colors can be found precisely in this palette! :)

Continuing, the palette includes a "dirty", warm, subdued tones of beige, browns, reds, pinkish, rusty, grays and finally, shades of black. When it comes to pigmentation I think that is average, but build- able. They have a powdery texture and a great to blending. As you can see in the picture, the swatches do not look too intensively, but on properly prepared eyelid look great!

I dare to say that for the price of £ 8.00, we have a great palette with mattes only. You can get it at Superdrug stores or order online from  Makeup Revolution London site.

I must admit that recently I use this palette very often and today I would like to show you makeup, which I made using only three shades from the palette: the brightest beige FLAW- on the entire eyelid to the eyebrow; RUST on the whole crease and slightly above with concentration at the outer corner of the eye and the color WOOD at the outer corner. Earlier, I applied a black eye pencil and rubbed it toward the end of the eyebrow. And at the inner corner of the eye I put the Sprint Super Star (79) from Inglot. The lower line lashes treated with a white eye pencil, mascara on and you're done! :)

Here is the list of cosmetics that I use for eye makeup and lips:

1. Makeup Revolution London Ultra Professional Eyeshadow Flawless Matte.
2. Inglot, Eyeshadow, Sprint Super Star, 79.
3. Maybelline New York, 01 Big Eyes Liner.
4. L'Oreal Paris, Volume Million Lashes, So Couture, noir/black mascara.
5. Revlon Colorburst, Matte Balm Striking Spectaculaire, 240.

It's very quick to create this every day makeup on an autumn days! And here is the effect of the makeup! The rating belongs to you ladies :)

And what are your opinions on this palette, I'm curious!

Thank you for visiting me and to the next.... :)

* All my opinions are based on my personal experience and are not sponsored.

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7 komentarzy:

  1. I love this palette. Great in crease, transition shades ! So much goodness for £8.00 x

  2. Uwielbiam Flawless Matte do makijażu na codzień i na przejściowe kolory :) nie ma to jak dobra paletka z MUR :)

  3. Śliczny makijaż :) Ja jednak wolę mieszane paletki maty i błyszczące cienie. Mam Makeup Revolution I <3 Makeup Geek i Mermaids Forever.

    1. Ja również lubię mieszać błyszczące i maty oczywiście :), ale lubie też same maty a delikatne rozświetlenie tylko w kącik oka! :)

  4. Ooo ciekawa paleta; ) Idealna do makijażu na co dzień :D

    1. Paulina, jest świetna również jako przejściowe kolory! :)

    2. Właśnie przejściowych często brakuje ;) Przynajmniej ja tak mam, że przeważnie muszę się dużo naszukać


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