18 grudnia, 2015

The bits and bobs from Poland- part II- makeup and nails!

Hello dear,

Today is the second part of my buying crazes in Poland which are make-up goodies :)!!! If you missed my part I with beauty care goodies --> click here.

Forgive me my absence lately here but for the last week I've got terribly sore throat and I have no mood for anything. :(

But back to the topic, today I would like to praise with you my beauty spoils!! :)

From left: Golden Rose, Rich Color, 16, Golden Rose, Impression, 18, Golden Rose, Rich Color, 24 and 108.
Golden Rose Color Expert 98, no photo of this one, but it's beautiful nude color.

Joko, Find Your Color, 139 Moroccan mud.

From left: Inglot, Pure Pigment Eye Shadow 75, Inglot, Eyeliner Gel, 79.

From top: Golden Rose, Matte Lipstick Crayon, 10, Golden Rose, Dream Lips Lipliner 503, 506, 513, 514, 515 and 520.

Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick, 18.

As you've probably noticed, the GOLDEN ROSE brand dominates here. I had to refresh my nail polishes collection and buy a great lip liners, about which I've heard a lot positive reviews. At the end is the GR Velvet Matte Lipstick 18, which is reportedly a great dupe for MAC Russian Red. So ladies as you can notice Golden Rose brand rocks in my vanity!!! ;) :) :) :)

Thank for visiting me and to the next...... :)

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