29 stycznia, 2016

22 stycznia, 2016

The FreedomMakeup London Pro Eye Primer- worth to bother?

Hello beauties!

Today I'll share with you my opinion of  FreedomMakeup London Pro Eye Primer. And unfortunately it hasn't hit the jackpot. :( Why? Keep on reading, if you are interesting my opinion ...

15 stycznia, 2016

My first eyebrow pomade, am I happy with it?- Review of FreedomLondon Pro Brow Pomade!

Hello beauties!

Today will be talking about Brow Pomade of Freedom London, which is the new kid producer of Makeup Revolution. I'm very impressed by the quality of products from makeup Revolution and decided to purchase some stuff from FreedomLondon. Except for brow pomade, I've chosen Pro Studio Brush Antibacterial Brush Shower and Pro Eye Primer. Why these? It's simple, I just wanted to start painting my eyebrows with pomade, because so far always was painting them with eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil. Besides I've read many good reviews about it. Just finished my disinfectant for brushes, so I wanted to try something different and have decided to give a go to the eyeshadow base, was cheap and while shopping in the Superdrug was the promotion 3 for 2, so I just couldn't resist to take it. :) If you would like to find out about these bits, I invite you to read more! :)

Today I will focus on the Eyebrow Pomade only. Reviews of the other goodies will appear in next

08 stycznia, 2016

My beauty care and makeup favorites of 2015!

Hello ladies!!!

Another year behind us, so it's time to sum it up. I would like to share with you my favorites / cosmetics, which I used for most of the time during the past year.

03 stycznia, 2016

Happy New Year with my first Giveaway!!!

Hello ladies!


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is 2016 and I'm very excited because in January will be a year since I write a blog and passionately do makeup. I like to test a new products and write reviews about them. I also love giving the girls advise in the selection of beauty products for both makeup and care products. I feel happy and fulfilled, I've found my hobby, so that my current daily life as a mother has gained a lot of colors!!! :) ;)

On this occasion I would like to show you my love and joy by doing my first ever little  #GIVEAWAY!!!