15 stycznia, 2016

My first eyebrow pomade, am I happy with it?- Review of FreedomLondon Pro Brow Pomade!

Hello beauties!

Today will be talking about Brow Pomade of Freedom London, which is the new kid producer of Makeup Revolution. I'm very impressed by the quality of products from makeup Revolution and decided to purchase some stuff from FreedomLondon. Except for brow pomade, I've chosen Pro Studio Brush Antibacterial Brush Shower and Pro Eye Primer. Why these? It's simple, I just wanted to start painting my eyebrows with pomade, because so far always was painting them with eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil. Besides I've read many good reviews about it. Just finished my disinfectant for brushes, so I wanted to try something different and have decided to give a go to the eyeshadow base, was cheap and while shopping in the Superdrug was the promotion 3 for 2, so I just couldn't resist to take it. :) If you would like to find out about these bits, I invite you to read more! :)

Today I will focus on the Eyebrow Pomade only. Reviews of the other goodies will appear in next
posts. This product is just amazing! I can paint my eyebrow very precisely and because I have permanent eyebrow makeup (with I'm not happy at all... they are simply too thin and don't look the same, awwwww), I have to draw them thoroughly and just "bold" them, and this product really helps me achieve this effect. :)

There is available 11 shades (I've got the color "Blonde"), so each you will surely find the right shade. The packaging is very solid, glass jar with a content of 2.5 grams, convenient to use. Consistency is very pleasant, creamy, so it's easy to apply and the finish is matt, of course (because how else;)). For the application I usually reach for an angled brushes.

This is my first time with this kind of eyebrow product. At the beginning of my makeup adventure I was using matte eyeshadows in the appropriate shades. Then there were eyebrow pencils and at the end I decided to go one step further and have reached for pomade. However, if I'm out of time, prefer to chose eyebrow pencil and quickly "do" my eyebrows. ;)

The lasting of this is amazing. Always before applying on my eyebrows the excess "lands" on my palm and after finishing all my makeup, it's very difficult to remove it with soap and water only and I need to use an eye makeup remover to clean it. I've noticed that the eyebrows keep up nicely for about 8 hours, after that time it's gently rubs off just because my forehead begins to shine, I think, and even accidentally touch of a finger or stronger cuddle with a child causes the removal of my eyebrows. ;) :)

The price is sensational, £ 5.00 only. Generally, I highly recommended FreedomLondon Eyebrow Pomade, especially for those of you who starts out painting of the eyebrows with the eyebrow pomade.

You can get it at Superdrug or on Freedom London website.

It ticks all: it is affordable, efficient, and lasting !!! Recommend it to everyone!

If you've got it what are your thoughts? Similar to mine? And BTW, I'm looking for a great longlasting eyebrow pencil (my contest is empty now) :(! Any recommendations ladies? Please, write in a comment below or on the FP.

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