22 stycznia, 2016

The FreedomMakeup London Pro Eye Primer- worth to bother?

Hello beauties!

Today I'll share with you my opinion of  FreedomMakeup London Pro Eye Primer. And unfortunately it hasn't hit the jackpot. :( Why? Keep on reading, if you are interesting my opinion ...

The packaging is silver, pleasant for the eyes, unscrewed with a sponge applicator for easy application. We have up to 7.5 ml (quite a lot) product content for the price of £ 2.50. Consistency is creamy, like most of the eyeshadow bases, but dries very long time and has a very low coverage. I dare even say that none, unfortunately.

As some of you already know, I always use eye cream, even a small amount apply even on the eyelid. When I apply described base, I feel that it dries for a very long time. And even when already dried out and the eyeshadows can be applied, I still have the feeling it's wet and putting on the eyeshadows is not pleasant at all. After two hours the shadows roll and basically are not visible. In addition, the eyelids are terribly greasy and shines, which is not good too. :(

So I decided to use the base without cream under the eyes. Unfortunately, the result was the same. As you can see in the picture (already with flash, after 5 hours), the shadow basically cannot be seen and has been terribly creased.

I'm sorry Freedom Makeup London, but this base is not a shot at a tenner. The producer promises "vibrant, crease-free colour that lasts" but sadly these promises are false.

For comparison, I've done swatches of blue eyeshadow (aqua dream, Makeup Revolution London "Eyes Like Angles" palette) and I applied it on to the different bases: from left: nr1- no base, then (nr2) Pro Eye Primer FreedomMakeup London, nr 3- Collection, Lasting Perfection, Ultimate Wear Concealer and at the end, nr 4- Avon Under Eye Shadow base. As can be seen, the describing base beautifully enhances the color pigmentation, but it will be the only one plus for this product. During the day, it begins very quickly to crease and gets look just greasy and oily.

1- no base, 2- Pro Eye Primer FreedomMakeup London, 3- Collection, Lasting Perfection, Ultimate Wear Concealer, 4- Avon Under Eye Shadow base.

Summing up, FreedomMakeup London Pro Eye Primer has only one plus, nice colour enhancement and the low price. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend it any of you girls.

But if  you would like to get it to your hands you can purchase it in the Superdrug or order online form here.

Honestly I am disappointed because I was hoping for nice eyeshadow base. Well, maybe you can recommend me some nice one. I'm thinking of buying Urban Decay base, but there are several, and not sure which one to choose. Help, please! :)

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Kisses, Izabela

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  1. Such a shame. Great honest review Hun. I would recommend mini size of UD Anti-Aging eye Primer potion. It's great. Also a mini will last you 2 years lol x


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