19 lutego, 2016

The Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliner- quick review and swatches!

Hi ladies!

Today quick review and swaches of my recent favorite lip pencils from Golden Rose brand. As some of you know, the Golden Rose's lip products dominates in my vanity :)!!! So I've decided to share with you my opinion about the new lip pencil called "Dream Lips Lipliner". When I was on vacation, I bought a beautiful 7 colors of these and would like to show you them.

Generally available is up to 26 colors, from nude colors, soft pinks to the varied shades of reds, cherries until browns. So the choice is huge!!! We have up to 1.4 grams of the product for a price of £3.11 from the eBuy. In Poland they cost only 6,30 zł. I don't order any GR product online cause the price, it's just more expensive. I prefer to make some inventories during my holiday each year and then I pay about £ 1,00- £ 1,50 only. :) However, you can also order on the Polish website mintishop.pl.

The producer promises a long- lasting waterproof effect on the lips, and I have to admit, he is the true teller ;). They last on the lips for about 7 hours with eating and drinking thought. I use them on my whole lips, and even they are lip pencils, are soft and the application is very pleasant.

1. GR Dream Lips Lipliner 503- cool nude color with light brown, beige undertones. I don't prefer the browns on the lips, but it got in my hands and with a very strong eye makeup looks quite nice.

2. GR Dream Lips Lipliner 506- beautiful bright shade of powdery pink with peachy undertones. Surely you've seen this color on me not once, recently it's showed up as the Valentine's lip on Instagram accompanied by gorgeous lip gloss the same brand ;) ;).

3. GR Dream Lips Lipliner 510- on the picture looks very dark, but in real is brighter plum color. Could be wear during the day and if you like these kind of colors, with minimum on the eye you're ready for the day ;).

4. GR Dream Lips Lipliner 513- and here again, on the picture looks more orangey, but it's bright red one.

5. GR Dream Lips Lipliner 514- the cherry color, looks beautiful with glamour type makeup look.

6. GR Dream Lips Lipliner 515- typical very dark blood red color.

7. GR Dream Lips Lipliner 520- very dark purple color. If you don't have time for proper eye 
makeup, choose this color and you're done :)! Although if you are small pout owner pick up something brighter ;) !

8. GR Matte Lipstick Crayon 10- it's matte lipstick in pencil. Dark, powdery pink color, very similar to the GR Velvet Matte Lipstick 07, but darker. Great shade for everyday makeup. Besides I heard it's great dupe of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Dusty Rose color. So I've had to purchase it. :)

The colors 513, 514 and 515 are different red shades of colors and match especially great when outgoing.

To summarize, the Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliners are amazing, very pigmented, long- lasting and very affordable. Do you own it, like it? Let me know, please!!! :)

Thank you for visiting me today!!

Kisses, Izabela

* All my opinions are based on my personal experience and are not sponsored

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